Thanks to Everyone -- Best Desert Classic EVER!

Igor & Irina Suvorov
Jul 21, 2013

Dear Friends,

We'd like to express our deepest gratitude towards all who were part of the 2013 Desert Classic DanceSport Championships! We know there were many beautiful places to visit last weekend but you chose to come to the hot Palm Desert. Without you Desert Classic wouldn't be such a success!

Desert Classic is not just an event we run every year. It's our dream of a competition where we would have liked to dance or watch others dance -- it's our big party with friends coming to visit us from all over the world! Words can't even express how much we enjoyed every part of it!

It takes an army of people to make a competition happen. A big THANK YOU goes to the Desert Classic Team:

  • Our absolutely superb World-Class panel of adjudicators.
  • Simply "The Best" Chairmen Lee Wakefield and Stephan Krauel who kept us all running on time!
  • And who can forget the contribution by "Voice of Ballroom," Mr. John DePalma, our emcee? Not us!
  • 3 beautiful ladies Yolanda Vargas, Borbala Bunnett, Ani Mkrtchyan along with the handsome Scott Washburn for coordinating just anything that may be needed inside of the ballroom: on-deck, awards, scores, water, coffee ... you name it. They've done it all with a smile!
  • Our gratitude to the Front Desk staff: Jan Lactaoen, Merete Russon-Clayburgh and Scott Randell for long hours of work with patience and care to each dancer and spectator who came to the DC.
  • Thank you David Don, our head Scrutineer and first class specialist in ballroom dance industry for helping all entries to fit into the long schedule and for keeping us all calm and focused!
  • Our very deep gratitude to a very special lovely lady Gitte Svendsen, DC Registrar! Every single person and every single dance went through her hands with lots of care. Thank you Dear Gitte for all your hard work for so many years!
  • Mark Weiss, who made our ballroom look absolutely spectacular! And you did a marvelous job as co-emcee with John DePalma.
  • Brent Mills and Didio Barrera for playing such beautiful and inspirational music all weekend!
  • Thank you to TV Production companies for choosing DC to be filmed for new reality shows about ballroom dancing and to local news covering our event. And to Barbara Hulsizer, our marketing director for hosting and coordinating media so well!
  • The greatest applause goes to dear friends, fabulous dancers and Jewels of the 2013 DC for an absolutely fantastic show on Saturday night, Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Manfredini! Your dancing reached thousands of people across the world! We greatly appreciate your efforts to come a very long way to show us breathtaking, inspirational and true artistry of dance! Watch the video.
  • Thanks to Mike Carter with Paradigm DVD for live streaming Desert Classic and giving such a great opportunity for many to watch beautiful dancing last weekend!
  • Hats off and standing ovations to the 2013 DCDSC Winners! Your work, your time, your courage and love of dancing are greatly appreciated

Once again thank you all dancers and spectators for being part of 2013 DC and making it such a success! 2013 DC was rocking!

Igor & Irina Suvorov

Truly yours,

Igor & Irina

Igor & Irina Suvorov, Organizers
Desert Classic DanceSport Championships

  • Thanks to Everyone -- Best Desert Classic EVER!