Thank You

Desert Classic Dancesport Championships
Jul 14, 2016
Every dance competition is different like every other person. And every year it has it's own journey: beginning, preparation, actual life over the weekend and the end. At the beginning and during the preparation it's hard to say what's coming ... During the event it lives on it's own... And only the end will show the result of a long hard work of many people.
It may sound like an airline announcement "we know there're many choices, thank you for flying with us!" But we truly appreciate so many dancers and spectators who choose to come to Palm Desert last week for the great weekend of dancing at the Desert Classic!
Thank you all who helped us to prepare our competition, thank you all who worked hard long hours at the comp with us to make it smooth and enjoyable for everyone, thank you all competitors (2+ years old) and your teachers, parents, friends and supporters! Without all 100s of you 2 of us just wouldn't do it!
And now when the Desert Classic 2016 is a history, we are bitter sweet...
We will miss you all for a while... And then we'll start it all over again!
We believe life is all about the journey.
Wishing everyone of you a great one!
Always yours,
Igor & Irina Suvorov
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