Showtime 2016: Justango!

Please join us for an incredible show on Friday night! Tickets now on sale! Gladys and Flavio created and directed the 'Historias de Conventillo' Tango Show in 2003 which performed successfully for 6 seasons. They are Directors of Legendary Cafe Tortoni's Tango Shows since 2003 where they created and directed 'Tanto Tango,' 'Tangos en el Tortoni' and 'Sensaciones the Tango.'

One of the largest kids competitions in the nation

Hundreds of kids will dance in Junior events from 7 am to 7 pm Sunday. Join several hundred of their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and others cheering for their favorites.

Celebrity Sightings ...

are always possible at Desert Classic!

Dance Desert Classic

It's Wildly Hot!!
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29 JUN

"Ask the Experts" Dance Conference Announced

Did you ever have a burning question you wanted to ask about the dance business or competition or the ballroom industry? Here is your chance! Ask a guest celebrity, judge, an announcer or your hosts, Igor & Irina, and get an answer!… read more

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